iCTABLE is the first step towards our end goal: a Holographic Station based on the new technology- 3D Space work environment. By implementing innovative solutions and based on the modular, multi-monitor, computer integrated design, iCTABLE can be customized to fit any purpose, including, but not limited to: eSports, Gaming, Design, Architecture, Cyber Defense, Financial Market, Government, and Military.

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iCTABLE is the new, revolutionary product that combines excellent ergonomics with the best performance and productivity-enhancing features. Most notably, the Arm Adjustable System - an extraordinary multi-monitor, adjustable, and extremely mobile system - perfect for a multiple monitor setup!
"The world that we live in today has changed, but the workspace hasn't adapted to it. We've created the work environment for the high-tech world. And we are continuing to redefine the means for the workspace to interact with the ever-changing world of tomorrow."



The iCTABLE Adaptable Design philosophy is a hallmark of iCTABLE. This philosophy allows unprecedented freedom of choice and creativity. You are able to change virtually anything in the construction and design of iCTABLE. From colors and textures to decorative panels and profiles, iCTABLE is open to all sorts of creative meddling and modification. You can easily change the looks and the functionality of your setup by varying the combinations of the AAS and other features, something unachievable with normal desks and regular multiple-monitor stands. iCTABLE is also 3D Printer Friendly, permitting anyone to print their own design of several decorative elements, further personalizing your iCTABLE.

Easy Upgradability

iCTABLE solves the problem of tedious upgrades, by making all computer components easily accessible and removable. Through features designed to make upgrades quick and seamless, improving or changing the computer components is very simple. Various systems of iCTABLE are specifically engineered to enhance the computer’s performance, such as the Arm Adjustable System which allows for total control of a multiple monitor setup.


iCTABLE has many incredible features that make an experience with iCTABLE unforgettable and various systems that are specifically engineered to enhance the integrated computer’s performance. The most remarkable of all is The King Of Net System – an aggregation of electronic and mechanical components interconnected in a compact design for utmost efficiency. iCTABLE solves the problem of tedious upgrades by making all computer components easily accessible and removable. Through features designed to make upgrades quick and seamless, improving or changing the computer components is very simple.


The correct placement of all electronic and computer components within iCTABLE allows for many possibilities inside. From creating computer clusters to a massive memory vault, the possibilities of iCTABLE are truly endless.


103  SSD

16  HDD

4 HDD 

12 SSD

Regular PC


iCTABLE is ultra-adaptable, able to fit into any environment due to its enhanced ergonomics, dimensions and adaptability. The dimensions of iCTABLE are designed with optimized precision allowing to place it in any environment, home or work iCTABLE will fit perfectly. Additionally, iCTABLE feels very familiar in size because it is similar to the standard desks and workstations, but iCTABLE is able to provide much more.


While many of iCTABLE's features improve on the performance, they also enhance the ergonomics of iCTABLE. Through cutting-edge technologies such as the Arm Adjustable System, which allows the user to find the ideal positioning of the monitors and drastically decrease the health risks and also to radically increase the usable area of valuable workspace. iCTABLE significantly improves the user experience.


iCTABLE allows you to use the entire surface of the workstation without clustering it with wires and cables. This is achieved through several amazing features that iCTABLE provides. With AAS and the Ports system, all wires run through the frame and never impede the work process. By freeing the entire surface of iCTABLE from clutter, you are able to use the workspace more efficiently and add more accessories and peripherals.

iCTABLE AAS - Arm Adjustable System (Video Part - I)

iCTABLE AAS  Pro- Arm Adjustable System Pro (Video Part - II)


iCTABLE is an adaptable product, open to customizability and 3D printing. When configuring the end product, we give you a wide variety of options to not only personalize its appearance, but to also choose its elemental structure. We offer many configurations, and give you the freedom to choose the iCTABLE you want.
iCTABLE eSports Machine

iCTABLE eSports- I

iCTABLE eSports Machine - II

iCTABLE eSports Machine-III

iCTABLE eSports Machine – is the first of its kind and by that unique, that it gives gaming-athletes, pro and amateur gamers, the opportunity to sharpen their skill in, the popularly growing, eSports to achieve stunning results!

iCTABLE Classic Models
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iCTABLE Pro Models
USB 3.1 Type-C
USB 3.0
USB Charger
RJ 45 Ethernet

Memory Vault Box is an essential part of The King Of Net System inside iCTABLE. The Memory Vault is a universal device designed to link main elements of The King Of Net System and hold a massive amounts of SSD and HDD, the StashBox, and the King of Net Universal Holder.

iCTABLE Martian Cooling System is the uncompromised solution for an explosive performance boost, specifically designed for iCTABLE eSports Machine. The World’s 1st multi-level CPU/GPU Water OL/AIR Cooling System, iCTABLE Martian Cooling System features innovative design, combining sheer ingenuity and ruthless efficiency.

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Today, we are introducing our installment payment plan option, Easy-Pay! We have 3 different installment plans for each iCTABLE model, so you can choose an option that’s best for you. Once you choose an option, you will have five payments to complete the purchase of iCTABLE.                

1st Payment – Initial Payment: This is the amount you will contribute to our crowdfunding campaign. This transaction will secure an iCTABLE just for you.               

2nd Payment: This is your first payment after the campaign. It is necessary that you complete this transaction before 1st of March.

Attention: During the time period between the initial and the 2nd payment you are able to change your model preference, add accessories and customize your iCTABLE. After the 1st of March you will be unable to change your order nor additional customizations and options added to iCTABLE.               

3rd Payment: This is the second transaction after the campaign. It is necessary that you complete this transaction before 1st of May.               

4th Payment: This is your final major transaction you will have to make. It is necessary that you complete the transaction before 1st of July.               

Payment Before Shipping: This is the final transaction that you will make before the shipment of your iCTABLE. When your iCTABLE is ready to be shipped you will be notified and asked to complete the transaction.

*The Shipping Fee is not included in the installment plan and is billed separately.
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