Every iCTABLE product is uniquely suited for shaping it to the demands of the most artistically and creatively minded customers. Due to its modular construction, iCTABLE has an exceptional affinity for the customization of practically every element. With iCTABLE Custom, the possibilities for customization are expanded even further. Choosing your logo, arranging your video and audio monitors, adding a laptop holder or even a guitar hook, choosing colors, patterns, shapes and forms, all of these things and more are possible when you choose to order a custom iCTABLE model. We will work with you throughout the process, offering our substantial expertise to help you form the desk of your dreams. Take your wildest dreams and turn them into reality—the iCTABLE will make them possible.


The AAS Wall is a multi-level system of the AAS which enables the machine to have unlimited capabilities. Its essence lies in the most basic and paramount feature that with it, a need for an actual wall for mounting a large amount or heavy duty monitors becomes obsolete. The AAS Wall, almost literally, is a replacement for a wall. With it, there is no need to reinforce the walls in buildings or facilities, while not limiting the adjustability of the Monitor Arms as stands do.


TKONS is not an exception to the modularity of iCTABLE. The Universal Holder can be modified to your needs. Whether that be expanding the frame for your desktop or adding chassises for unique cooling system, the variability of the uses becomes unlimited including: Mac setups, own servers, massive storages, mining rigs, and many more.


The modular design of iCTABLE allows not only for exterior customization, but also interior, which in turn will allow to magnify the computer’s possibilities. By expanding, adding, or changing elements within will enable to create custom adjustments to the system itself.


Every element of iCTABLE is modular and interchangeable. From the smallest screw to the tempered glass panels, each component can be personalized by you for you.

Powerful and DESIGN

The inserts are one of the key decorative elements of iCTABLE, highlighting its beauty and elegance. You have the option to customize the inserts to show your creative design to all.


Make your machine stand out. Use your own color scheme or combine many in an incalculable amount of possible combinations to make your iCTABLE be your personal machine.






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