The eSports market is booming and the success of the new industry is surpassing even the most optimistic expectations. This success is not entirely unexpected, however, and rather stemming from the market's resilience. With that said, the market's unprecedented growth is providing excellent opportunity for investors looking to be a part of the emerging industry.

world's 1st esports machine

iCTABLE eSports Machine is specifically designed for the few who will reign above all and bask in the glory of victory – the ultimate solution for gamers and professional eSports athletes. Modular, adaptable, capable of housing a full PC rig, a console, or both, iCTABLE eSports Machine features a variety of productivity and performance-enhancing features, health benefits, and excellent ergonomics, which enhance the strengths and improve the weaknesses of the chosen.


iCTABLE eSports Machine is perfect for eSports teams as a reliable training tool or a competitive advantage in tournaments. Unified size, aggressive streamlined design, and trademark features make eSports Machine akin to a Ferrari for eSports athletes. Easy customization of every component allows teams, athletes, organizations to attract sponsors and advertisers.

AAS Multi-monitor solution

AAS Metal base


CARD Reader

4-port Hub



iCTABLE is ultra-adaptable, able to fit into any environment due to its enhanced ergonomics, dimensions and adaptability. The dimensions of iCTABLE are designed with optimized precision allowing to place it in any environment, home or work iCTABLE will fit perfectly.


iCTABLE is full of possibilities! Each machine can be tailored to user's specific needs. Every iCTABLE model can be upgraded to expand its capabilities. The chart below depicts the maximum support for each machine. And with the addition of custom elements, the capabilities of iCTABLE machines can be amplified even further.





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